Monday, November 17, 2008

Buying a House in Louisville, KY

Buying a house in Louisville, KY is a great experience that can allow you to take advantage of opportunities not available in recent years. The housing market in Louisville has seen inventories increase and prices drop making it a good time for home buyers to get into the market. In addition, Louisville's housing market has not seen quite the troubles found in other areas of the country.

If you want to buy a house in Louisville, KY the first step is to speak to a mortgage lender and ensure your credit report, credit scores, and debt/income requirements are going to allow you to make a sound home buying decision.

The next step is to contact a Louisville, KY real estate Realtor and partner with them to ensure your best interests are protected when buying a home. Kentucky real estate law allows buyer's agency, which means you can secure exclusive representation from a real estate Realtor who is regulated by legal and ethical guidelines designed to protect your interests. This is usually done at little or no cost to you!

After finding a real estate agent, you should begin to search the internet for all Louisville, KY MLS Listings. Make sure you prioritize the homes you find by how well they fit your needs and wants, their location, and whether of not they have any additional features that add value for you.

Now you can select the homes you wish to see the most and make plans with your real estate agent to preview them. After finding a house in Louisville that fits your needs best, then you can put in an offer and enter negotiations.

I wish you luck buying a house in Louisville, KY! It is a great time to be a buyer in the real estate market...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Real Estate in Louisville, KY

When searching the MLS for real estate in Louisville, KY, please use the powerful real estate search tool I offer on my website.

With the advent of free online real estate MLS searches, especially ones with an abundance of search options, the home buyer now has the opportunity to view a huge number of homes without driving all over town hoping to find a nice new home.

I encourage my clients to do as much searching for real estate in the Louisville, KY area as possible online as it also helps me get a much better understanding of exactly what they are looking for in a new home. This improves our communication about real estate, lets me give them much better service, and makes the process of finding a new Louisville home fun.

Make it a priority to do all of your searching for Louisville, KY real estate using the excellent MLS tool found on my website!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Go Green!

When remodeling or purchasing a new home, there are many things to consider. Commonly used to insulate boilers and pipes, most homes built after 1980 could harvest asbestos or other environmentally defected insulation techniques. Environmental efficiency is on the rise because of technology and green sustainable methods progressing rapidly. Not only will these methods produce a healthier lifestyle, it will save you money!

Prior to making the move, make sure your home has been inspected by professionals who know how to detect any type of toxic materials in the process. Improper insulation was used in millions of homes and while it is safe when enclosed or in good condition, deteriorated asbestos can cause a slew of health problems, such as mesothelioma and malignant mesothelioma. Asbestos is a form of insulation which is swiftly becoming obsolete because of environmental awareness and new protocols. Asbestos could be present in different forms in buildings built in the years 1930 to 1975.

The Eco-Friendly Paradigm

When involved in real estate, it is especially important to embark on the proper inspections to insure the safety of your clients, building workers and your reputation. Problems with asbestos in older buildings should be addressed in a rational manner. A good course of action is to identify materials which could harvest asbestos, mark the condition and establish a plan that addresses any negative condition in the building.

Damaged asbestos can produce diseases such as mesothelioma, a cancer in which treatment is limited. If not caught on time, it can lead to malignant mesothelioma. Although it needs to be removed by professionals, it is worth price for a healthier, positive lifestyle. The Research and Development (RAND) organization has helped raise awareness and education for those affected and those seeking to avoid themselves the problem. With the help of think tanks such as RAND and other organizations, removal in work places and public facilities is on the rise.

While remodeling of current buildings for better energy efficiency is a must, it does not come without its hazards. Older homes and buildings contain toxins and proper preparation is needed to avoid the breathing of harmful chemicals. Asbestos can be found in attics, pipes and ceilings. The Department of Energy concluded that cooling and heating counts for up to 50-70 percent of all energy used in the average home in the U.S. In today's state, this philosophy can also save natural resources. Environmentally sustainable insulations are made from recycles materials including cellulose, polyurethane foam and cotton fiber.

Most people are unaware to the fact that eco-friendly products can cut energy costs by 35 % per year. Due to these recycled materials, waste is decreasing in crowded landfills. Proper insulation will save you on bills. Rather than expensive and mal-treated wood, interior walls can be made from steel and concrete, avoiding many of the problems associated with asbestos and other insulation methods. Currently, many cities in the U.S. have created lumberyards which re-store where you can purchase recycled building materials that are authentically strong and inexpensive.