Sunday, July 19, 2015

See the Showdown Car Show July 18

No car lover will want to miss the annual summer Showdown Car Show, a fun Louisville event that will give you the opportunity to look at some beautiful rides. There’s a silent auction and some other fun stuff to keep you entertained while you cruise around looking at all the amazing cars.

The Showdown Car Show

Louisville will turn into a car lover’s dream on July 18. This is when Valor Traditional Academy’s parking lot will fill up will all sorts of beautiful vehicles from 10 am to 4 pm. All cars, trucks and motorcycles are welcome to join the showdown for a $15 vehicle registration fee.

The top 40 vehicles will receive trophies. There will also be awards for the People’s Choice, the Kids’ Choice and the Best Bike. The awards presentation will begin at 4 pm. All proceeds of this event will benefit the Michael Feger Paralysis Foundation, a nonprofit group that helps people who have been affected by a spinal cord injury.

You’ll find the event at 11501 Schlatter Road, in the beautiful Glenmary neighborhood. You’ll recognize Valor Traditional Academy right away. It’s known in this community as “the castle” because of its beautiful architecture. Spend some time in Glenmary, and you’ll see that beautiful architecture is everywhere.

A Day in Glenmary

Residents of Glenmary love the location of the community. It's just down the road from the excitement and diversity of the Highlands area, a neighborhood famous for shopping and nightlife. Residents of Glenmary enjoy evenings eating in trendy restaurants along Bardstown Road, then come back to the peace and quiet of this beautiful neighborhood.

Glenmary is an oasis of large green lawns and big, beautiful homes. Natural creeks run behind the neighborhood, adding to the pretty landscape. Spend a day in Glenmary this July, and you may never want to leave.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Join the Red, White and Brew Bash July 3

Go to Fourth Street Live, one of Louisville’s most famous attractions, to join the Red, White and Brew Bash. Even if you don’t like brews, you can join in on the dancing, listen to the live entertainment, play games and maybe even win a prize. America’s birthday only happens once a year, so why not celebrate?

Howl at the Moon

Go to Howl at the Moon on July 3 for a night of entertainment and dancing. The live show doesn’t stop all night long, so you can enjoy the music any time. Play games to win prizes while you’re there. Beer and other drinks will be available all night long, too. Tickets cost just $5 at the door.

The party starts at 6 pm and goes until 2 am, so you can ring in America’s birthday the moment it happens. The founding fathers worked hard to make America a free country, and they would definitely want you to have fun. Fourth Street Live is all about fun. You’ll find it at 434 South 4th Street in downtown Louisville, just blocks away from historic Butchertown.

Being Around Butchertown

There are several neighborhoods in and around downtown Louisville, but Butchertown is one of the most unique and memorable.

Since the 1820s, Butchertown has been a home to professionals of all types. Many butchers did live here in the early days, but now Butchertown is a famously trendy part of the city with lots of different housing styles and types.

Butchertown is now a haven for art galleries, antique shops, gorgeous condos and lots of other attractions. The Thomas Edison house is located here, for those who like history. People who like thrills will find them at the nearby Louisville Extreme Park.

There's something for everyone to enjoy in Butchertown, a truly one-of-a-kind Louisville community. Let freedom ring this July 4, and explore some of the great neighborhoods located within blocks of exciting downtown Louisville.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Walk Around the Flip N Kicks Sneaker Expo May 16

No sneaker enthusiast is going to want to miss the unique Flip N Kicks Sneaker Expo. People come from as far away as Indianapolis to participate in this fun-filled day of sneakers. Whether you want to sell, buy or trade, you can do it here.

Expose Your Sneakers

The Flip N Kicks Sneaker Expo is at the Fern Valley Hotel and Conference Center at 2715 Fern Valley Road. The fun starts at noon, and the expo lasts all afternoon until 6 pm. Vendors come from Nashville, Cincinnati and even Indianapolis to show off their sneakers. General admission only costs $10, and for that you’ll be in a sneakers paradise.

 Anyone who like sneakers will like it here. Imagine wall-to-wall shopping and shoe shoppers. You never know when you’ll find an amazing pair of sneakers to trade or buy. And if you’re a shoe collector with a few too many pairs, maybe you want to sell some of your sneakers while you’re here.

Sneakers are a great footwear choice if you plan on getting out and enjoying the beautiful summer weather in Louisville this year. Sneakers keep your feet cool but protected when you’re hiking, climbing, biking, or just walking around one of the beautiful Louisville communities.  There are quite a few places to walk around the Fern Valley Road area.

Living in Lynnview

The Expo is just a few blocks away from Lynnview. This residential neighborhood is surrounded by restaurants, schools and main roads that will take you where you want to go. But inside the neighborhood, Lynnview is a quiet community filled with homes and families.

The winding streets are laid out simply, but carefully, to avoid lots of through traffic. This gives children places to play and cuts back on the noisy cars that come through the community. The quiet streets are a great place to take a walk, like if you need to break in some new sneakers maybe. Take a closer look at Lynnview and the entire Fern Valley area this May, and a take a walk around this great part of the city.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Be Pampered with Mom May 10

May 10 is Mother’s Day, and that means it’s the perfect day to go out and get pampered. Have a ladies’ day out at the Bridal Pampering Event, and spend the day celebrating you.

Getting Pampered

From 11 am to 6 pm, you’ll be pampered on May 10. It’s time to give yourself a break from wedding planning, or anything else you may be doing that’s been stressing you out.

 Enjoy a massage, get a facial, have a mani and pedi, and enjoy it all with your mom for Mother’s Day if you like. You’ll sip cocktails, nibble on appetizers and share all the hot gossip while you’re being pampered. This event is all about getting pampered and finding relaxation. When was the last time you took the time to do that?

Go to Bake My Day at 4113 Bardstown Road to take a much-needed break. When you’re done getting relaxed, enjoy a little retail therapy. You’ll be in the Buechel neighborhood, where you’ll find lot of great shopping options.

Shopping in Buechel

Buechel is next to the famous Highlands neighborhood, and lots of people in the Highlands come here to shop. You’ll find the Bashford Manor shopping district here, not to mention lots of small stores and fun places to visit throughout the community. There is a big commercial district in this community, but Buechel is primarily made up of residential neighborhoods.

Residents of Buechel live in pretty communities like Broadmoor Park, Butler Acres, Fountain Woods, Glenmead, Norfolk Estates and the Pines, to name just a few. There are many schools scattered throughout the Buechel area. This is a great place to shop, but it’s also a fantastic place to live. Spend some time in the Buechel area this May 10, and you could have trouble making yourself leave.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Witness a Murder on the Alien Express May 9

Step aboard a starship many years in the future, and have drinks and dinner with universally-famous aliens. But be warned: there is a killer hidden among them. It’s up to you to figure out who the killer is in this intergalactic world where normal forensics no longer apply. Can you figure out whodunnit?

On the Mother Ship

You won’t actually be on an alien ship, but that’s the atmosphere you’ll enjoy during “Murder on the Alien Express”, an event presented by the Whodunnit Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. A mystery will unfold before your very eyes while you have dinner and dance the night away. Can you keep on having fun once you find out that one of the party guests is actually a murderer?

Feel free to join in on the fun by dressing up like an alien if you like, or any other sci-fi character of your choice. When you’re on an alien spaceship, pretty much anything goes.

Arrive at 6:30 pm to get seated, because the show will begin promptly at 7. Tickets cost $45.50 for the dinner, the show, the tax and the gratuity. If you bring a group of 6 or more, you're eligible for a discount.

Step on board the ship at the Hilton Garden Inn at 2735 Crittenden Drive. The show ends at 9:30, so you haven’t got much time to unmask the killer. The Hilton Garden Inn is surrounded by several Louisville attractions and communities. The Wyandotte neighborhood, part of Louisville for more than 100 years, is just minutes away.

Why Wyandotte?

Wyandotte is best-known for Wyandotte Park, which is chock-full of stuff to do. Kids and adults alike keep themselves busy here with volleyball, tennis, basketball, croquet, horseshoes, and the sprayground area. Kids love running beneath the giant fountain at the sprayground. They can dry off at the playground area, which has all the classic features that kids (and the young at heart) enjoy.

The picture-perfect park is just one feature of the neighborhood. Wyandotte is laid out in the simple grid pattern that includes the commercial district along Berry Boulevard and the more residential areas around Sale Avenue. People live and work in the Wyandotte community. The neighborhood has its own schools, shops and plenty of stuff to see and do.

Because Wyandotte is near the center of Louisville, it's close to all the most famous attractions. The neighborhood is only minutes away from Churchill Downs, Kentucky Kingdom, Cardinal Stadium and all the fun you'll find at the Hilton Garden Inn.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dance Away Derby Night May 2

After the big horse race, most people enjoy going to the after-parties. There are tons of different parties to choose from all over Louisville, but there’s only one Silks in the Bluegrass event. If you like Motown and funk music and you want to help raise money for a good cause, it’s time to put on your silks and start dancing.

Silks in the Bluegrass

Have dinner, sip cocktails and do some dancing at the Silks in the Bluegrass Derby after-party. This event is used to raise funds for Operation Open Arms. This organization, based in Louisville, helps care for children with mothers who are imprisoned.

 Live entertainment will perform to keep you entertained during this event, which begins at 7:30 pm. That’s plenty of time for the horses to run the big race, because that only takes 2 minutes. The party doesn’t end until midnight. Tickets cost $150 per person, which is fine since the proceeds go to charity.

Keep your eyes peeled while you’re dining and dancing. Celebrities and local personalities are bound to attend this fun Derby event. You’ll find it all at the fantastic Crowne Plaza Ballroom at 830 Phillips Lane.

From Silks to Camping

This event is just a few blocks away from Camp Taylor, a pretty Louisville neighborhood that's surrounded by green. The Audubon Country Club is on one side, the Louisville Zoo is on the other. Camp Taylor is close to the major interstates and to big attractions like Kentucky Kingdom, but it maintains a quiet residential feeling just the same. Taylor Memorial Park and the Holy Family School are both within the neighborhood boundaries.

You'll find lots of shopping and eating near Camp Taylor, but you'll also find several of Louisville's best attractions. Louisville Mega Cavern, the Ohio Valley Volleyball Center and the Kentucky Exposition Center are all minutes away.

Before you dance the night away, walk your day away around Camp Taylor. You might decide you want to have a permanent camp here, and join the residents who call this community home.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Go Hiking in the Forest April 18

It’s spring at the Jefferson Memorial Forest, and that makes it the perfect time to go hiking. Do it this April at the forest, and learn more about the natural wonders in Louisville. Go to the FOX Families Outside X-ploring event, and get a close look at all the glory of spring.

Memorial Forest

Hike through the Jefferson Memorial Forest to see the wildflowers blooming. Listen, and you may hear the frogs making mating calls to each other. The hike will take you to Shannon’s Pond, so you should be able to hear the frogs pretty well.

 This walk through the forest is more than a hike. Once you get to the pond, participate in a boat-building lesson. You will actually learn how to build a boat using natural materials. The walk begins at 9 am, when the weather is still cool and a little crisp.

You may want to bring a jacket with you to stay warm in the cool morning air. Bring along water to drink and a snack as well. The entire walk will be outdoors, so be prepared. Don’t wear your best clothes, because being out in Nature can get messy. You will probably get some dirt on your clothing while you work on boat building.

You’ll find the forest at 12304 Holsclaw Hill Road, in Fairdale. This is a community inside Louisville, but Fairdale is like its own small town.

By the Forest

Fairdale has its own schools and parks, a library, churches, and lots of places to live. This community is right next to some of the most beautiful natural areas in the city. The Tom Wallace Recreation Area is right next to Fairdale, and the Jefferson Memorial Forest is within the boundaries of the neighborhood.

These huge green spaces provide lots of room for hiking, exploring, boating, biking and having all sorts of fun outdoors. Have some fun yourself this April, and take a walk through the forest to see nature in all of its best spring beauty.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Learn the Science of Picking a Derby Winner April 16

Many experts pick a winning horse by examining the odds, crunching the numbers and using other mysterious methods to determine the champion. If you want to know some of those tricks, too, you want to attend the Winning Strategies SW event.

How to Pick a Winner

When it’s Derby Day, everyone’s betting on the races. Maybe this year, you’d like to win a little money doing it. If you think that science and math are the key to picking the right horse, you’ve got to attend Winning Strategies.

Economist Bill Steiden and mathematician Pete Rodski will host the session and tell you how the experts use the numbers to make the odds, find the winners and make the most money. You’ll learn what to look for when picking a horse and a rider, so you can actually mathematically increase your odds of choosing the winner of the race.

The talk is at JCTC, Jefferson County Technical College, at the Valley Station campus. If you haven’t been to Valley Station lately, now’s the time to find out what you’ve been missing.

Down in the Valley

Valley Station is well-known for its schools. Along with the college campus, Valley is home to Stuart Middle School and Valley Traditional. The Bobby Nichols golf course is almost within eyesight of the JCTC campus. A branch of Jefferson Community College is out here as well.

Waverly Hills, the world-famous haunted attraction, is also located in Valley Station. Look up at the hill, and you may see the towers of Waverly poking up above the trees. It’s also close to the golf course, but don't venture there without permission. It isn’t safe for you or for the ghosts.

Valley Station has a little bit of creepy, but it’s also got a lot of smarts. Go to 1000 Community College Drive this April to learn the secrets of picking a Derby horse, and find out for yourself.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Go Gonzo at the GonzoFest April 11

If you're a fan of Hunter S. Thompson, music, poetry, crafts or just getting a little weird, sometimes, you've got to go to GonzoFest Louisville. This annual event celebrates all things Hunter S. Thompson and the entire spirit of being Gonzo. In other words, it's time to let your hair down and embrace the slightly weirder side of Louisville.

Going Gonzo

It's the fifth year of GonzoFest, and this year is going to be the weirdest year yet. Two stages will feature live music from local Louisville acts. You can also hear poetry readings. And if you're a writer yourself, enter the literary contest.

 Maybe you like art instead. Browse the drawings for a Hunter S. Thompson statue, and see which you like best. Live art will also be on display, and many craft vendors will have booths set up if you want to do a little shopping. GonzoFest merchandize will also be available.

Take a wild picture of yourself in the Gonzo photo booth before you watch the Squallis Puppeteers perform. If you get hungry, no problem. The Monkey's Uncle Grill, featuring Lil Cheezers, will be providing eats for all.

GonzoFest is at Waterfront Park this year. Look for it at the Parkway Lawn at 2 pm. GonzoFest doesn't end until midnight, so you'll have plenty of time to get weird. Admission is $15.

By the Water

Louisville's waterfront is famous for being a beautiful community gathering spot. It draws people from all over Louisville who come to concerts and other events, like GonzoFest, but the people who live closest have the chance to enjoy the park most often.

Head along River Road and Waterfront Park place to find gorgeous waterfront living. This is where you'll find some of the city's most modern condos and picturesque homes. Head deeper into the city to find modern high-rise living, city dwelling at its finest.

Like history? Downtown Louisville is full of historic homes as well, remainders of the earlier days of the city when Louisville was still young. There's something for everyone in downtown Louisville, including weirdness!

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Learn How to Prune Like a Master April 11

Take your work gloves, pruning tools and enthusiasm for gardening to Yew Dell Gardens this April, and learn the secrets of professional pruning. Your landscaping is only as good as your upkeep of it, and pruning is a large part of that. Learn how to keep your plants looking amazing with a few simple tricks and tools you'll gain in this hands-on workshop.

Pruning the Gardens

It costs $30 to attend this training session, which is led by a master gardener. The new head gardener of Yew Dell will teach you the tricks he's learned over the years, so you can make your own home gardens look as manicured and perfect as the fancy gardens you have to pay money to see -- like Yew dell.

 The Yew Dell Gardens are so beautiful, couples choose to get married there. See the amazing beauty of the gardens for yourself when you attend the class on April 11, which begins at 10 am. Yew Dell Gardens is at 6220 Old LaGrange Road in Crestwood.

Going to Crestwood

Crestwood is just outside Louisville, though to many this is an extension of the city itself. This community has received national attention for being such a great place to live. CNN has recognized Crestwood for being one of the best communities in Louisville.

This neighborhood has its own schools, library, arts center and lots of other things for people to do. See Crestwood this spring, and see one of the prettiest places in Crestwood when you go to the Yew Dell Gardens. Learn how to beautify your own outdoor spaces, and prune your garden like a pro.

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