Saturday, January 2, 2016

Visit Historic Farmington

One of Louisville's most well-known families, the Speeds, lived on a huge piece of land outside the city known as Farmington. Today, you probably know the area a little bit better as the Highlands. Most of the farm is gone, but you can still visit the mansion at the Farmington historic home site, and see what living in Louisville used to be like.

The Farmington Plantation

Farmington is a huge home built with classic Federal architecture in 1816, a style that was very popular in Louisville during the 1800s. The home was built from a plan designed by Thomas Jefferson himself. Farmington has been fully restored with its original paint colors, carpets and wallpaper to match the era in which it was built. The mansion is filled with Kentucky furniture and antiques from the time period when John and Lucy Speed lived here.

The home has all sorts of features that were unique to the time period. There are two octagonal rooms in the mansion, a "hidden" staircase, carved mantles and even marble baseboards. The original glass, woodwork and brass in the home is still in place and still in beautiful condition. Farmingham is an 18-acre site today that includes outbuildings. Find the entrance to historic Farmingham at 3033 Bardstown Road. In December, Farmington is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm if you want a guided tour. You can always take a self-guided tour of the grounds any day from 9 am to 6 pm. Admission is $9 for adults.

The area all around Farmington is still used for beautiful homes to this day. There's a lot to do and see in this part of the city thanks to Bardstown Road and the Highlands. There are so many great shops and restaurants, you may forget about the best part of this part of the city: the neighborhoods. After you leave Farmington, stop by Seneca Gardens to see more fine Louisville living.

A Day in the Gardens

The Seneca Gardens neighborhood is just a few blocks away from Farmington and Bardstown Road. Until you see the houses, you may forget you're in a neighborhood. Seneca Gardens is designed to look like a park. It's got lots of trees, landscaping and winding streets that create a peaceful feel and beautiful look.

Spend a day around Seneca Gardens and make a little of your own history while you explore the streets, the homes and everything you can find in this part of the city.

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