Thursday, September 17, 2015

See the Kentucky Opera Present Macbeth September 18

See the Kentucky Opera perform Verdi’s Macbeth on September 18, and get blown away by the amazing culture that’s available in Louisville. The city may not be famous for its opera...but maybe it should be! Hear it for yourself, and you’ll see why opera lovers are going to love Louisville this September.

The Scottish Play

Macbeth is one of the most famous Shakespeare stories, and it’s beautiful when it unfolds in opera. This is a story of the supernatural, a story of madness and murder, a thrilling tale of kings and queens and intrigue. Can you think of a better reason for going to the opera?

Verdi’s opera is based on the play, of course, so Shakespeare buffs will certainly recognize the thrilling story. The lavish costumes and sets are provided by Opera Pacific Victoria, and the performance is sung in beautiful Italian.

Be at Louisville’s Brown Theater at 315 W. Broadway from 8 pm to 10 pm, and see this spectacular show for yourself. You’ll be in the heart of downtown Louisville, surrounded by the best of the city’s culture. You’ll find that the downtown area is also surrounded by some of the city’s best neighborhoods.

From the Play to the Park

The Shelby Park neighborhood is named for the neighborhood park that it surrounds. This was named for Isaac Shelby, the very first governor of Kentucky. You'll find that history still lives and breathes in Shelby Park. The entire neighborhood is full of historic buildings and amazing reminders of Louisville's past, when the streets were filled with horses and carriages instead of cars.

Looking to invest in a home that's ready to be renovated? Looking for an historic home that's already been updated? Searching for a cozy, comfortable dwelling or an amazing duplex? Whatever you're seeking, you can probably find it in Shelby Park. The homes here reflect the historic style of the neighborhood, but most of them are old only on the outside. On the inside, many have been renovated to give you the modern amenities you really want (like lights and water).

Shelby Park is just blocks away from the excitement of downtown, but the shady streets and historic buildings look years away from the fast-paced city streets.

Visit downtown Louisville and Shelby Park this September to enjoy culture, history and the amazing homes you can find near the downtown area.

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Play in the Kentucky Wireless Golf Tournament September 17

Participate in the Kentucky Wireless Golf Tournament this September, or go just to watch this great day on the links. You’ll be at the beautiful Polo Fields Country Club, and you’ll be helping to provide funding for the Special Olympics. Polo Fields is one of the city’s prettiest neighborhoods, but it’s also a hidden gem that many don't even know about.

A Day in the Polo Fields

The Polo Fields is off Flat Rock Road, near the Middletown area. The entire neighborhood is designed to be gorgeous, with neat, landscaped lawns. There are all sorts of homes here, from the large and luxurious to cozy family dwellings.

 The country club and championship golf course are in the middle of the neighborhood. There's also a private pool, which residents love in the summertime. Polo Fields is a little bit off the beaten track, but still close enough to all the shopping, eating and other attractions in Middletown.

Get a good look at the golf course this September at the Kentucky Wireless Golf Tournament. Whether you come to play or watch, this is going to be a great day in the Polo Fields.

Tournament Golf

Go to the Polo Fields Country Club at 117001 Polo Fields Lane to participate in the tournament. The benefits will go to the Special Olympics. The event begins at 9:30 am. After golf, have some fun. A social from 5 to 8 pm will give you the chance to meet other golfers and spectators.

If you like golf, beautiful homes and supporting worthy causes, you’re going to love this golfing event. Go have fun in the fields this September, and enjoy a great day of golf.

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