Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Louisville Quest on June 21st

The Louisville Quest! is so exciting, it has its own exclamation point. If you want to do a little bit of everything, this is the event for you. It’s an adventurous scavenger hunt. It’s also a thrilling race. And it’s even an historical tour. So go on a quest through Louisville this June. Who knows what you’ll find?


The Louisville Quest! begins at 10:30 am, and the event is so big that this year there’s a brand-new route to choose from. So even if you’ve taken this adventure before, you can enjoy it in a whole new way.

Teams of two to five people group up to answer questions, solve puzzles and race against each other to visit locations throughout the city. The original route, which began in 2012, features some of the city’s best museums. The New Adventure, route 2, includes the downtown shopping area of Louisville. The newest path, route 3, takes you to some of the trendiest downtown locations. Each Quest ends with an Awards Ceremony where outstanding teams will be honored. Winners also receive awards to go to downtown restaurants and other nearby attractions.

Racing Through Downtown Louisville

Travel just a few miles away from downtown Louisville and you'll get to the Highlands, one of the more colorful areas of the city. Famous for its shopping, the Highlands is peppered with one-of-a-kind shops selling everything from housewares to fashion. The commercial district of the Highlands is centered on Bardstown Road, but the surrounding area is largely residential. The Highlands is between Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue.

Several different neighborhoods exist within the Highlands, including Cherokee Triangle and Tyler Park. Both these neighborhoods are close to downtown Louisville, so your Quest could take you into these communities. Take a quest through Louisville this June, and discover things you’ve never noticed about the city before.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

20th Annual Crescent Hill Garden Tour June 7th

For just $10, anyone can see 10 different gardens in the beautiful Crescent Hill neighborhood on June 7. It’s the 20th Annual Crescent Hill Garden Tour, and it’s an event that no garden enthusiast will want to miss.

Traipsing Through the Tulips

The Crescent Hill Garden Club works hard every year to organize the Garden Tour, and this year is unique because it marks the 20th anniversary of this neighborhood stroll. The tour takes guests to 10 colorful, unique gardens in the Crescent Hill neighborhood. Be prepared to participate starting at 9 am. The event ends at 5 pm.

The tour begins at one of Crescent Hill’s most distinct landmarks: the Peterson Dumesnil House. It’s located at 301 South Peterson Avenue. And since you’re already participating in the tour, you will have the chance to tour this historic house before the day is over. Some of the prettiest gardens in all of Louisville will be on the tour. You’ll see unique plants and flowers, not to mention a lot of the Crescent Hill neighborhood itself.

Up on the Hill

Because it’s located between two forks of Beargrass Creek, the Crescent Hill neighborhood used to be known as “Beargrass.” The area was first developed in the 1850s, and it’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city.

Today, Crescent Hill is known for its beautiful homes (and their gardens!). The neighborhood is primarily Colonial Revival and Classical Revival architecture, which was a popular style when the area was first being built. It reaches to the St. Matthews city limits. Frankfort Avenue runs, roughly, right through the center of the community.

You’ll get a good look at this historic beauty when you take the garden tour, a neighborhood event that will delight any nature lover.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rainbow Colored Runners to Cover 5 Kilometers in Louisville

The Color Run 5k is coming to Louisville on June 7. You may have seen the aftermath of a similar event in Louisville, another city or in Facebook post photos and wondered what had happened. Event goers are often seen out and about covered in color as if they had been doused with paints leaving passersby to try to figure out what happened.

Popular Twist on an Old Concept

The Color Run bills itself as the Happiest 5k on the Planet. Registered participants come out to run, skip, walk, crawl or leapfrog themselves along the five kilometer path. Since health and happiness are the goals, only participation is encouraged and method of movement is not monitored. At marked points along the path, color is tossed on the participants as they pass. They begin dressed in white and by the end look like they have run through a rainbow.

Happiness, Healthiness and Individuality Celebrated

The Color Run encourages participants of all levels of ability for this event which isn't timed. The event recognizes and celebrates the diversity of its participants and these differences are symbolized by the color splashes that are different on each and every person.

No Where to Wear Your Tutu?

The grand finale of the Color Run is a finish festival where the onlookers are encouraged to get involved in the fun, too. For anyone who wants to get in the mix, color packets are sold at the Color Run. The start and finish lines are at the South Great Lawn at Waterfront Park. The race begins at 8:00am on Saturday, June 7. Tutus are appropriate attire for this event.

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