Sunday, January 31, 2016

Take the Kids to Renaissance Fun Park

You know how kids can never decide what they want to do? They'll start playing with one thing, and after 10 minutes they start messing with something else. At Renaissance Fun Park, this sort of behavior is encouraged. Kids can do and see everything while they're here, even if they switch back and forth every 10 minutes.

Fun at the Park

There are lots of different options here. Kids can play laser tag, enjoy a round of mini golf, get on the go kart track to race around or play the various arcade games. There's stuff to do indoors and out, and there's always fun stuff to do. A day of unlimited all day play, which gives access to unlimited amounts of everything, is $25. There are other ticket options and family ticket packages available.

There's also plenty of food, because kids work up an appetite when they play. There's tons of the stuff that kids like on the menu, so you won't have to fight them just to get them to have some lunch before they get back to the games. Renaissance Fun Park is in Middletown at 201 Park Place Drive. It's just one of many reasons that Middletown is a great community for families.

Amusement in Middletown

Middletown is known for its big, beautiful homes. There are several subdivisions that help make up Middletown. You can find schools and parks here, lots of big lawns and sidewalks for children to play. If you drive around the neighborhoods of Middletown, you'll see that this is a quiet family community with a variety of homes. There are many ranch and two-story houses here, traditional architecture and more contemporary designs. But there's also a lot of stuff to do in Middletown, and this is why so many families really love living here.

Renaissance Fun Park is just one of the family-friendly places to spend your time here. There are many places to take the kids and some places to go without them. You’ll find a place to grab a cocktail at night and places where sippy cups are the norm during the day. Middletown is home to beautiful Valhalla Golf Course and lots of great shopping. There are gyms for the adults and gyms for kids. In other words, there's always something to do in Middletown. Go find out more about this Louisville neighborhood, and you could be finding your new community.

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