Friday, February 22, 2008

A Musical Interlude

I thought I would post a few links to some music I truly enjoy. Glenn Gould is an astonishing pianist who is one of the few people ever to master Bach's Goldberg Variations. Some have commented that he has a brain in every finger. He was controversial because he sang the 'melody' out loud while playing and you can hear it on all of his recordings. Additionally, it is suspected that he had Asperger's Syndrome and that played a role in his musical genius.

I recommend right-clicking these links and opening them in a new window. While you are enjoying the music, go to my website, Real Estate Louisville, and take the time to explore the site. You may find your new home while appreciating some of the greatest music ever composed!

Glenn Gould, Bach's Goldberg Variations 1-7

Glenn Gould, Bach's Goldberg Variations 8-14

Glenn Gould, Bach's Goldberg Variations 26-30 - The beginning of this one is unreal! Lots of cross-hand technique that I've tried unsuccessfully to incorporate into my rendition of chopsticks...;)

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