Thursday, January 8, 2009

Searching the Louisville, KY MLS

You have public access to view all Louisville, KY MLS listings at your fingertips. By utilizing this resource, you will be able to put yourself ahead of the pack when buying a new Louisville home. For example, by locating the best homes in the best locations at the best prices first, you will have an opportunity to decide and make an offer before any competition steps in and complicates negotiations. This can save you significant amounts of money.

When searching the MLS in Louisville, KY you should start with the search parameters a little wider than you think you desire. In other words, if you do not want to spend more than $125,000 for your new home, you should search for homes up to $130,000 just in case your dream home is priced at $126,500. Remember you will be negotiating the price of the home down, so this strategy will keep you from just missing the perfect home.

Another useful tip for searching the Louisville MLS is to use the map search functions on my real estate website. By utilizing the MLS map search feature you can quickly scan the area you desire to live in and see all homes available on the Louisville real estate market. In seconds you can determine exactly where your new home will be located.

I hope these tips for searching the Louisville, KY MLS will come in handy for you when buying your next home. For further guidance, contact me directly and I will show you exactly how to buy a Louisville home.

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