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Getting Fit in 2014? Try out These Downtown Louisville CrossFit Studios

Is your New Year's Resolution to get fit in 2014? If you're in the Louisville area and you're interested in developing a new fitness regimen, you're in luck! CrossFit is the perfect workout to improve your muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, and flexibility - and it’s a great way to lose weight. As the primary strength and conditioning method for many police academies, military operations, champion martial artists, and professional athletes across the country, CrossFit is a vigorous and effective workout sure to help you achieve your 2014 fitness goals. Here are just a few Louisville fitness studios offering CrossFit programs.

A New Venue for a New Year: CrossFit The Ville

Having been closed for a temporary period during the last portion of 2013, CrossFit The Ville has reopened in their new and convenient location in downtown Louisville, and are back in action with their CrossFit members. Now located at 721 East Main Street, CrossFit The Ville is taking 2014 by storm with their schedule of group CrossFit classes amongst their yoga/mobility classes, Olympic lifting classes, and strength training programs.

As a professional establishment with a focus on safe exercising, CrossFit The Ville requires beginners to enroll in their Elements sessions before joining group CrossFit classes. The Elements classes focus on skill development and will introduce CrossFit beginners to the basic movements of the exercise program. A total of two sessions are taught at the Elements level, which build upon each other for a full understanding of the art of CrossFit.

CrossFit The Ville suggests that prior to starting Elements classes, you should take "before" pictures of your body composition. These pictures will serve as a reference point as you progress with CrossFit. This can be a great motivator as you continue getting closer to reaching your 2014 fitness goals.

Louisville WOD Travel Series: Derby City CrossFit

Another established CrossFit studio in Louisville is Derby City CrossFit, located at 139 Breckenridge Lane, which is just east of Downtown in the Cherokee Gardens area. This studio not only offers some of the best CrossFit classes in the city, but also has specialists on board to provide Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy. These services can be integrated with your workout plan at Derby City CrossFit. This studio is also offering a promotion for a complimentary two weeks for new customers.

As a collaborative CrossFit Studio, Derby City CrossFit is participating in the "WOD Travel Series" along with CrossFit The Ville on the first three Saturdays in February. FourBarrel CrossFit (located in New Albany) is the third participating studio in this series.

If you're particularly interested in a challenge, Derby City CrossFit also offers the CrossFit Open, which is a series of five weekly workouts that will determine the participant's eligibility to partake in the 2014 CrossFit Games.

If you're looking for your CrossFit studio, both of these gyms are great options to begin your CrossFit exercise program. Regardless of where you end up, you're sure to be pleased with your results after committing to this vigorous - but effective! - workout for your 2014 resolution.

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