Friday, May 15, 2015

Walk Around the Flip N Kicks Sneaker Expo May 16

No sneaker enthusiast is going to want to miss the unique Flip N Kicks Sneaker Expo. People come from as far away as Indianapolis to participate in this fun-filled day of sneakers. Whether you want to sell, buy or trade, you can do it here.

Expose Your Sneakers

The Flip N Kicks Sneaker Expo is at the Fern Valley Hotel and Conference Center at 2715 Fern Valley Road. The fun starts at noon, and the expo lasts all afternoon until 6 pm. Vendors come from Nashville, Cincinnati and even Indianapolis to show off their sneakers. General admission only costs $10, and for that you’ll be in a sneakers paradise.

 Anyone who like sneakers will like it here. Imagine wall-to-wall shopping and shoe shoppers. You never know when you’ll find an amazing pair of sneakers to trade or buy. And if you’re a shoe collector with a few too many pairs, maybe you want to sell some of your sneakers while you’re here.

Sneakers are a great footwear choice if you plan on getting out and enjoying the beautiful summer weather in Louisville this year. Sneakers keep your feet cool but protected when you’re hiking, climbing, biking, or just walking around one of the beautiful Louisville communities.  There are quite a few places to walk around the Fern Valley Road area.

Living in Lynnview

The Expo is just a few blocks away from Lynnview. This residential neighborhood is surrounded by restaurants, schools and main roads that will take you where you want to go. But inside the neighborhood, Lynnview is a quiet community filled with homes and families.

The winding streets are laid out simply, but carefully, to avoid lots of through traffic. This gives children places to play and cuts back on the noisy cars that come through the community. The quiet streets are a great place to take a walk, like if you need to break in some new sneakers maybe. Take a closer look at Lynnview and the entire Fern Valley area this May, and a take a walk around this great part of the city.

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