Friday, September 23, 2011

Lake Forest and the William F. Miles Park Project

Lake Forest is a premier residential community off of Shelbyville Road just outside of the Gene Snyder Freeway in Louisville, Kentucky. William F. Miles Park is a beautiful, majestic park located off Shelbyville Road and Miles Park Way just down the road from Lake Forest. Being in close proximity to each other means that the residents of Lake Forest are able to enjoy all of the benefits of the new six mile “water trail” that was opened in 2007 beginning in Miles Park. The main water trail leads to the Fisherville canoe launch.

The opening of the water trail is the first recreational feature of the City of Parks initiative, which will add thousands of acres of park land and protect green space. Plans are being made to turn 4,000 acres of the Floyds Fork floodplain into park space, expand the Jefferson Memorial Forest, and add riverfront land and wharfs along the Riverwalk Trail and Levee Trail. For residents of Lake Forest, this means that you will be just a short drive from one of the primary launch points for the water trail.

The canoe trip from William F. Miles Park to Fisherville takes about two or three hours, with views of rocky cliffs, shallow rapids, and coral fossils along the banks. The route will be open to canoes, kayaks, and rafts, with the best water levels in the spring and fall. Motorized boats are not allowed on the trail. Maps will be posted at kiosks and at the launch sites.

The 21st Century Parks organization has been working to develop a system of interconnected parks and trails along 27 miles of Floyds Fork, from Shelbyville Road to Bardstown Road. The project will be one of the largest new urban park systems in America. The 21st Century Parks Parklands project will link four major parks by a park drive and bring a world-class urban trail system to the Louisville area, along with the Floyds Fork water trail. 21st Century Parks is determined to redefine the landscape and “bring nature into neighborhoods.”

One of the primary neighborhoods benefiting from the water trail and the City of Parks vision is Lake Forest. The neighborhood is less than a 10 minute drive to the William F. Miles Park, where residents can enjoy fishing, gardens, and water activities. Fishing is available year-round at the park, with trout being stocked regularly at Lake 4. Founded by Councilman Hal Heiner, the Community Gardens are a beautiful addition to the park and will help attract residents of Lake Forest to the area to enjoy the natural beauty. Plots to garden are available for reservation for the green thumbs (or aspiring gardeners) in the family. Lake Forest residents, known for their active community, will love the new water trail from the William F. Miles Park to Fisherville!

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