Thursday, March 15, 2012

Have Green B.E.A.N. Kentucky Be Your Go-To Source for Produce Needs

As the United States becomes more eco-conscience there is a new program on the horizon that helps people bring farm fresh food to their table. A local program, called Green B.E.A.N. Kentucky, does just this. It supplies locally grown produce to Louisville residents through a delivery service that customers sign up for.

The process starts with interested people signing up for a Green B.E.A.N. account through their website, then account holders customize their orders, followed by customers receiving their produce on an assigned day. Some of the farmers and artisans that participate in this delivery program are Ashbourne Farms, Blue Dog Bakery, Foxhollow Farm and Lotsa Pasta - just to name a few!

Buying local produce help support the local economy. Some of the benefits of buying local food include eating in-season food that is fresh, helping to create a relationship between farmer and customer and reducing the effects of food transportation on the environment. At a minimum order of only $35 dollars and having the food delivered to your doorstep, getting fresh produce has never been this easy!

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