Friday, March 9, 2012

Selection Sunday: Who's In and Who's Out?

This coming Sunday will mark the beginning of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, as anxious fans, players and coaches will learn whether they're in or they're out. With three teams most likely in the tournament, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville and Murray State University, Kentuckians will have to fill out their brackets knowing there can only be one champion.

Selection Sunday does more than just select 68 of the best teams for the NCAA tournament, it also seeds the teams and places them in a bracket. Many sports fans print blank brackets off and fill in the teams who they think will take home the prize of being named the 2012 NCAA Champs.

In essence, Selection Sunday kicks off what is called "March Madness", where there are always basketball games on for fans to watch. All three teams, Kentucky, Louisville and Murray State have a shot at going far in the tournament. Hopefully, all of the Kentucky teams will represent the state proudly and play well! Good luck to all of the teams in making the tournament!

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