Friday, May 9, 2014

Library Hosts Its Annual How-To Festival May 10th

The Louisville Free Public Library hosts its How-To Festival on Saturday, May 10 from 10am to 3pm. The Festival will be held at the Main Library at 301 York Street in Louisville.  This is a free event where presentations are held throughout the library and may be the only place you could possibly overhear someone ask "Do I want to learn to tie a bow tie or learn to repair drywall next?"

Learn More Than 50 Things in 5 Hours for Free

The original idea for this festival was to teach on 50 topics over a 5 hour time span, but the festival has now grown to 152 topics. Presenters range from local experts in their fields to passionate volunteers who have mastered a hobby to professors on this expansive list of subjects. The schedule has been created with the location of each presentation shown on an included map of the library.

Most presentations are scheduled for 45 minutes at the designated location with a 15 minute break before the next set of presentations begin, but there are exceptions.  It is recommended that you download and review the schedule prior to heading out for the festival.

How to Decide

With so many choices it will be difficult to decide between learning to yodel and learning to make shadow puppets.  Luckily there is not a conflict between the presentations for making ice cream in a bag and the one on learning how to age gracefully. Learn how to raise chickens in the city, play mahjong and shoot a bow and arrow all on the same Saturday afternoon at the Louisville library.

Perhaps the first presentation should titled How-To Decide Which Presentations To Attend!

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