Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pitt Academy’s 30th Annual Bar-B-Q Festival May 17th

You don’t have to be an alum of Pitt Academy to visit their annual Bar-B-Q Festival. The event begins at 4 pm on May 17th, and ends at 11 pm. Best of all: anyone is welcome to attend. Delicious BBQ will be served the whole time, but there are plenty of activities outside of eating to keep you busy.

BBQ on Preston

Pitt Academy’s 30th annual Bar-B-Q Festival is this year, and if you’ve never been now is the time. The festival has truly taken on a carnival atmosphere over the years, but the food alone makes this event worth visiting.

Barbecue chefs from Ole Hickory Pitt oversee the meat, which is slow-cooked over natural wood. That’s the way BBQ is meant to be cooked. Feast on chicken, mutton or pork – or taste it all. Of course, you’ll have a full range of side dishes to choose from as well. Cole slaw, potato salad and baked beans are all on the menu, naturally.

While you’re at the festival, listen to the live music and walk among the many booths that ring the event. Game booths provide plenty of adult fun. Send the kids to the children’s area, where they’ll find games and activities made for them. All the proceeds of the festival go to a worthy cause, and you’ll get a day of fun in return.

Community Influence

Pitt Academy is a private school that teaches alternative learning methods to students who have difficulty functioning in a more traditional school environment. The school is non-profit, so all of the proceeds of the BBQ festival benefit Pitt Academy.

The school is located at 6010 Preston Highway, where it’s surrounded by several Louisville communities. Pitt is near Okolona, Poplar Hills and Lynnview. These residential areas are surrounded by shopping, restaurants, parks and other family-oriented attractions. This part of Louisville is so packed with stuff to do and places to go, it functions almost like its own mini-city.

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