Monday, December 22, 2014

Louisville's Last Minute Shopping Guide for Christmas

Gift buying procrastinators of all varieties, read up. The calendar pages were torn off one by one while everyone around you was out shopping and preparing for the holidays. The clock is ticking now and you have a few short hours remaining to both start and finish your shopping. Here is a last-minute shopping guide for Christmas shopping in Louisville.

Hours on the Last Day of Shopping

Mall St. Mathews will be open from 8:00am until 6:00pm on Christmas Eve. Oxmoor Center is following the same schedule. Jefferson Mall will open at 7:00am and give you until 6:00pm to finish your shopping. If you are among the worst of the waiters or thought inspiration would strike and it didn't, the old standbys can still save the day. Target and Wal-mart are open later. The Bashford Manor Target at 3600 Mall Road is open until 10:00pm on Christmas Eve as are several other mass retailers.

Ideas for Last Minute Gifts

Google a drink recipe that sounds good. Print, or better still, hand write a recipe card. Your neighborhood liquor store will have the ingredients and you can wrap everything to look like you were well-prepared. Grab a bunch of fresh flowers at the grocery for your host. Gift cards are nice, but get a whole lot more interesting when they are creatively presented. Put one inside a deck of themed playing cards and include a cigar or snack item as part of the gift.

The Hail Mary Gift

When the clock is striking one hour until the gathering and you are still gift-less, the options are diminishing too. The ATM is still open and so are the gas stations. Lottery tickets, cash and candy bars become the options. The coupon book for redeeming your services throughout the year is a go to for some, and as long as you follow through, it is a respectable gift. Consider wash your car, mow your grass and cook you dinner as opposed to the hug coupon if you want some real appreciation for this gift.

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