Saturday, December 27, 2014

Out of Control December Calorie Consumption

It starts with the leftover pieces of pumpkin and pecan pie on Thanksgiving Day. Someone had to eat them. Then there are the beautifully decorated cookies on the community food counter in the office, they were irresistible.  The next thing you know the neighbors are bringing over a tub full of fudge, and Poof! it disappears. Two cocktail parties later, you can't get the zipper closed on your little black dress and don't understand how it happened so quickly.

Countering the Intake with Ice Skating in Louisville

The antidote to holiday pound creep is ice skating. Burning off the calories consumed when you ate the garage from the gingerbread house is easy when you hit the ice at one of Louisville's skating rinks. Two outdoor skating areas are open in December. WinterSkate is located at the Steinbaugh Pavilion in Historic Downtown Louisville at 824 Front Street. WinterSkate offers the old-fashioned outdoor, holiday ice skating experience complete with traditional holiday music.

Concessions are available at WinterSkate, but you might consider skipping the snacks if your purpose for the trip is to reduce. The other outdoor skating option in Louisville is at Fourth Street Live! through December 26 as part of the Forty Nights of Lights celebration. The rink uses a synthetic ice which means it is open for your calorie burning laps even if temperatures are above freezing.

Indoor Skating Rinks in Louisville

Don't let the weather be a deterrent to adding ice skating to your workout regime. Louisville is home to two indoor ice rinks, too. Iceland Sports Complex at 1701 UPS Drive and Alpine Ice Arena at 1825 Gardiner Lane both have regular public skating hours listed on their schedules. A word of warning as you dream of perfecting your double axle or triple toe loop - the ice is hard, so remember your limitations!

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