Sunday, April 19, 2015

Go Hiking in the Forest April 18

It’s spring at the Jefferson Memorial Forest, and that makes it the perfect time to go hiking. Do it this April at the forest, and learn more about the natural wonders in Louisville. Go to the FOX Families Outside X-ploring event, and get a close look at all the glory of spring.

Memorial Forest

Hike through the Jefferson Memorial Forest to see the wildflowers blooming. Listen, and you may hear the frogs making mating calls to each other. The hike will take you to Shannon’s Pond, so you should be able to hear the frogs pretty well.

 This walk through the forest is more than a hike. Once you get to the pond, participate in a boat-building lesson. You will actually learn how to build a boat using natural materials. The walk begins at 9 am, when the weather is still cool and a little crisp.

You may want to bring a jacket with you to stay warm in the cool morning air. Bring along water to drink and a snack as well. The entire walk will be outdoors, so be prepared. Don’t wear your best clothes, because being out in Nature can get messy. You will probably get some dirt on your clothing while you work on boat building.

You’ll find the forest at 12304 Holsclaw Hill Road, in Fairdale. This is a community inside Louisville, but Fairdale is like its own small town.

By the Forest

Fairdale has its own schools and parks, a library, churches, and lots of places to live. This community is right next to some of the most beautiful natural areas in the city. The Tom Wallace Recreation Area is right next to Fairdale, and the Jefferson Memorial Forest is within the boundaries of the neighborhood.

These huge green spaces provide lots of room for hiking, exploring, boating, biking and having all sorts of fun outdoors. Have some fun yourself this April, and take a walk through the forest to see nature in all of its best spring beauty.

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