Thursday, April 2, 2015

Have a Nine-Course Dinner at Bistro 1860 April 2

Wine and dine yourself at Bistro 1860 for a spectacular nine-course seafood meal. The meal includes eight different kinds of fish, making this any seafood lover's delight.

Have a Seafood Meal

The fish at the dinner is all hand-selected and purchased from Honolulu Fish Company. All the fish are caught in American waters by eco-friendly methods. Each different course is paired with wine. The meal isn't just about eating seafood. It's about exploring the fruits of the ocean.

Different textures and tastes will be highlighted at the meal, so you'll virtually take a culinary tour of the waters. Wines from Spain, Italy, France and California will be on the menu. Each course of fish is served with side dishes and special seasonings designed to bring out the unique flavor of the fish. The wine complements each course.

Dinner starts at 6:30, so bring your appetite. The meal costs $225 per person, plus taxes and gratuity. Call ahead to make reservations to attend this delicious culinary tour of the ocean waters. When the dinner ends at 9 pm, you'll have some time to take in the evening air and walk off the wine after you eat.

A Walk on the Hill

Bistro 1860 is at 1765 Mellwood Avenue, which puts you in one of the great walking neighborhoods of the city. Crescent a Hill is known for its gardens, something that the residents take pride in. This makes any walk through the neighborhood a spectacle of color, and in April you'll see some of those early blooms already making their appearance.

One-of-a-kind boutiques and unique shopping make Crescent Hill a great place to visit, day or night. You'll find lots of modern flair in the stores, but you'll see the past come alive in the neighborhood. There are several historic attractions here, not to mention the Crescent Hill reservoir. Looking out at the water is a perfect way to end any seafood meal. Take a walk up the hill this April, and you'll find out for yourself.

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