Thursday, April 16, 2015

Learn the Science of Picking a Derby Winner April 16

Many experts pick a winning horse by examining the odds, crunching the numbers and using other mysterious methods to determine the champion. If you want to know some of those tricks, too, you want to attend the Winning Strategies SW event.

How to Pick a Winner

When it’s Derby Day, everyone’s betting on the races. Maybe this year, you’d like to win a little money doing it. If you think that science and math are the key to picking the right horse, you’ve got to attend Winning Strategies.

Economist Bill Steiden and mathematician Pete Rodski will host the session and tell you how the experts use the numbers to make the odds, find the winners and make the most money. You’ll learn what to look for when picking a horse and a rider, so you can actually mathematically increase your odds of choosing the winner of the race.

The talk is at JCTC, Jefferson County Technical College, at the Valley Station campus. If you haven’t been to Valley Station lately, now’s the time to find out what you’ve been missing.

Down in the Valley

Valley Station is well-known for its schools. Along with the college campus, Valley is home to Stuart Middle School and Valley Traditional. The Bobby Nichols golf course is almost within eyesight of the JCTC campus. A branch of Jefferson Community College is out here as well.

Waverly Hills, the world-famous haunted attraction, is also located in Valley Station. Look up at the hill, and you may see the towers of Waverly poking up above the trees. It’s also close to the golf course, but don't venture there without permission. It isn’t safe for you or for the ghosts.

Valley Station has a little bit of creepy, but it’s also got a lot of smarts. Go to 1000 Community College Drive this April to learn the secrets of picking a Derby horse, and find out for yourself.

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